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We thought it was time to bring up our Boudoir sessions again, since we've been doing many more of them recently. With Valentine's day justa round the corner (alright, let's get Christmas out the way first!) ladies and gents have been thinking of their other halves in contacting us to buy gift vouchers, or to book in for our Bourdoir session.

With a professional hair and make-up artist on site, you can feel a million dollars and create images that you and he/she will love forever.

The most popular option for our boudoir photos is this beautiful black leather album...  but products range from Digital Packages (if you want to send your pics in flirty emails) to canvases and wall art that will look sizzling on the wall of any boudoir...



...still not sure? Check out the info below which might answer some questions you have, or drop us a line to talk more about what you want out of your photos.



Postdate: 2009-09-09 20:20:06 Photographer: Amy

I thought it was time to answer a whole heap of questions we receive on a daily basis about Boudoir or For Your Eyes Only style Photography. This is an increasingly popular request we receive, to the point where, now… the VAST majority of our brides have a Boudoir shoot before the wedding! Boudoir photography is not just popular with brides though, and well and truly spans the ages, social backgrounds and personalities. Whether a young love’s Valentine’s Day Gift to her partner, or a Silver Wedding Anniversary present… we have had a whole range of ladies take advantage of our beautiful West Kirby Studio, and take home some photos that make them feel like feminine/beautiful/sexy seductress goddesses!

So, what exactly would be involved in a boudoir shoot then? Well… whatever you like… really! We are an all female team for a start. So you’re never going to show up at our studio to be met by an intimidating, male photographer, who could make you feel uncomfortable rather than relaxed whilst being photographed. We always have a bottle of bucks fizz or babycham at the ready if you need that extra little something to loosen you up, but more often than not, after flicking through the albums, our prop cupboard and chatting to the girls, you’ll be all too keen to start posing away like a supermodel!

Prop cupboard? Yep! We have tonnes of great accessories from feather boas to pearls, hats, gloves and fans… but you are more than welcome to bring anything you have – in fact, we encourage it! As for what to wear, it’s really up to you, but some things just look great time after time so perhaps consider the following: long, flowing evening dresses, tight denim jeans with white or black vests and bright, pretty underwear underneath, your bridal lingerie, ‘his’ favourite lingerie (if this is a gift!) a silk robe, fishnets, corsets… and of course, those killer heels!

Your shoot can take as little or as long as you like, but bearing in mind it normally takes a few minutes to get comfortable in each outfit, and that modelling really can be very tiring(!) you’ll likely be with us around an hour to an hour and a half in total. We will then prepare your images for you to view – (retouching/airbrushing - no problem!) and have them ready for a day or two later, when you can pop back, decide on your favourite and either compile an album or choose from our wide range of prints, canvases and photo products.

Have fun with these photos, because for most, this will be a once in a lifetime opportunity to do something you probably won’t ever do again, so enjoy it for all it’s worth… and look back at your cheeky grin and beaming smile in pictures you’ll treasure forever!