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Here she is! Baby Laila...

Anybody who's been in to see us in the last few weeks will have heard all about this special little girl. Our good friend Heidi went a week overdue with this, her first baby, but finally.... after a wait that seemed like forever, the call came yesterday morning just before 7am...

As her birthing partner, I got to experience the whole wonderful day, and when Laila was born at 14.26... we couldn't believe what we saw! Teeny tiny Heidi (look back through the blog for her bump photos!) had managed to give birth to a chunky, chubby 8lb 5oz bundle of joy...! A full head of thick black hair, rosy cheeks and little baby feet!

Here's the first glance of her, snapped quickly in the hustle and bustle of those first few hours. We can't wait to get her in the studio for her first photos!





With Auntie Amy



With Auntie Stacy