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New team member - Lee

It's my pleasure to introduce our new team member, Lee Williams. He's our new networking expert and will be helping me on the technical side, starting with a number of exciting projects in the lead up to Christmas.

Check out 'The Team' page on the right for details on all of us, but for now, I'll hand you over to the man himself...




"Hello! I'm Lee. My skills don't entirely fall in the area of photography, however, I come in handy around technology and I'm considered the 'networking guru' of the team. I am the more hands-on tech guy and feel comfortable around lots of loose cables and components, where others would be scratching their heads! After getting my honours degree in 2008 I have been spending my time setting up networked environments for small to medium sized businesses as well as working part-time in the job that got me through university. I joined slinkymedia to help Ian feel more comfortable, as he was outnumbered 2 to 1 and felt the place needed a more masculine touch. Only kidding! Between us we pretty much have everything covered with regards technology. We are always looking to take on exciting new projects so get in touch with the Slinky team for a friendly, hassle-free chat about how we can improve your businesses productivity, security and reliability!"