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Staff Photos: Why are they so important for your business?

No matter what your industry, clients like to see personality, friendly faces and professionalism when they look at your website, business card or promotional materials. Modern, flattering photographs of your team help to create a comfortable, approachable relationship and customers know what and who to expect when they walk through your door.


Gone are the days of ‘mug-shot-esque’ snaps of terrified looking staff stood against your office wall, or cheesy, ‘I was in an important meeting and just happened to be photographed’ boardroom style shots. Our relaxed approach guarantees to capture the image you wish to portray for your company. Quick and painless sessions, informal and fun, we strive to bring you the best images of your team, offices and surroundings whilst capturing what your business is really about. With our efficient portable lighting set-up and backdrops you can fit us into a room at your own premises for the day, or if you prefer, join us in our West Kirby photo studio on the Wirral, where we'll also provide the coffee and biscuits!


You can have your picture taken one at a time or with your colleges around you. Two friendly female photographers aim to make the process as painless as possible – let’s face it, very few of us really enjoy having our photo taken… and for this very reason we’ll even show you your images on screen as we go to make sure you approve of them. Have your photograph taken as many times, or as few times as you like, until you are happy. We are more than happy to take on board any ideas that you, the client, have for your images, or to undertake a full re-branding, if you’re not sure what it is you actually want. Whether you like…


Classic Black and White (like our own Staff Photos)





Selective Colour (for a really lively and modern twist)





or the type of Contemporary Cropping that portrays a very current, stylised approach…





…we can talk over your ideas with you, or suggest a few of our own.


We appreciate that not everybody is always ‘in’ on photo day (coincidence, we’re sure!) So rather than bring us back, if you live close enough, send the one or two stragglers up to the studio anytime, evenings and weekends included and we’ll shoot their picture and email it straight across to you at no extra charge.


Why not give us a call to chat about your company’s image?