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We love family portraits!

We at Slinky Media just love family portraits! SO much so, we don't charge you when we take yours! Our beautiful West Kirby studio is a relaxed, friendly environment in a stunning location, where we hope you will be very happy being photographed... because lets face it, we don't all like our picture taken.

Click on the portraits section on the left to find out a bit more about our portraits... or why not visit the gallery to have a look at some for yourself.

Our sittings are completely FREE - no catch there! We only want you to take home the photos you really love... whether that be our digital only package, a couple of small 7 x 5's or some unique wall art incorporating your families image, there's never a hard sell, in fact we're happy to leave you curled up on possibly the comfiest sofa in the world EVER... with a cuppa... and maybe some cake, while you look through your photo slideshow.

We're cheap, too! Seriously! I know everybody says that, and ... well, they're not. But why not pop in and have a browse of our pricelist and see for yourself. We literally only charge a fraction of the prices that the big photo corporations charge... why? Because we can. And we want you to be happy with your photos, including the price you pay!